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Vancomycin 500mg

Dosage form, administration:

Powder for Injection


Vancomycin is an antibiotic used only in hospitals and only in patients who are closely monitored, because of the high risk of side effects. The drug is indicated in severe infections, kidney disease and heart disease :
In cases of severe blood infections caused by staphylococci where other antibiotics are ineffective, such as infections caused by S. aureus resistant to isoxazolyl - penicillin, S. epiderrmidis resistant to isoxa - penicillin. Bridging infections caused by Staphylocuccus are usually S.epidermidis,
as the case ventricular drainage and dialysis bypass. Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis treatment often has infectious complications, with a high rate due to Gram-positive cocci. Vancomycin works well in this case, used intravenously and added to dialysis.
Use to prevent endocarditis before surgery, especially gynecological and intestinal surgery, for patients with penicillin allergy.